New ACARA Literacy Progressions require Advanced Keyboarding skills

New ACARA Literacy Progressions require Advanced Keyboarding skills

In 2018 ACARA defined new Achievement Standards within the Literacy Progression of the Australian Curriculum. The new Standards relate to the Writing Element and specifically the Handwriting and Keyboarding Sub Element – (Previously Handwriting). The new Achievement Standards are HwK1, HwK2, HwK3, HwK4, HwK5, HwK6, HwK7, HwK8. The progression addresses handwriting […]

Pick Your Favourite Maths Invaders Online : Galactic Campaign Character!

The Galactic Campaign in Maths Invaders Online hosts a variety of interesting characters for you to help! Let us know who’s your favourite by participating in our poll at the link below or by leaving a comment!   https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/OsB3QY  

Project Updates & Release Notes

Typing Tournament is a highly active project and a transformation in progress. We push updates to the site on a regular basis. Built on a solid award winning foundation Typing Tournament Online is built on the old multi award-winning CD version. Month by month the capabilities of the new system […]

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