Keyboard shortcut “hacks”

The humble keyboard is a fixture in many people’s everyday lives whether it be at school or work, however many people are not aware of the numerous useful shortcuts out there.

Scrolling using the space bar :

Hitting the space bar will scroll down the page for you whilst tapping shift and space bar will take you back up!

Close your page :

This short cut will depend on your operating system.

PC: Alt and F4

Mac: Command and H

Enhance your page:

Again depending on your operating system –

PC: Ctrl and + (for zooming in)

Ctrl and  (for zooming out)

Mac: Command and (for zooming in) and Command and – (for zooming out)

Copy and Paste (In the format you’re already writing in):

PC: Ctrl , Alt and V

Mac: Command , Option and V

To go back a page:

PC: Alt and left arrow

Mac: Option and left arrow

To go forward a page:

PC: Alt and right arrow

Mac: Option and right arrow

Move your page:

PC only)

Do you wish there was a way to move your window around without, you know, moving it around yourself? Well, there is! Just use the window key and the arrows to move your window to the side, minimise it or maximise it.

Left: Window and left arrow

Right: Window and right arrow

Maximise: Window and up arrow

Minimise: Window and down arrow

Restore a closed page:

PC: Ctrl, Shift and T

Mac: Command, Option and T

Bookmark a page:

PC: Ctrl and D

Mac: Command and D

To rename documents, folders etc:

PC: Click the file then F2

Mac: Click the file then the Enter button

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