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With the increasing pressure for school’s to provide online learning resources in the wake of Covid-19, there has been a surge of usage in EdAlive Central. Providing students with comprehensive learning in Mathematics, Touch Typing and Literacy, it is not hard to see why.

Why Online Learning?

With the changes and uncertainty about schools in this current climate, the need for online learning resources has spiked dramatically. Teachers are frantically working away to provide a whole curriculum remotely. Likewise parents are learning how much effort goes into teaching their children in the same amount of time. It all can be very overwhelming no matter who or where you are.

To lessen the load on teachers and parents alike, many people are looking towards online learning resources that save time and energy for everyone involved. This is where EdAlive Central comes in.

Why EdAlive Central?

With a simple school management interface, teachers can create classes and students in a flash. Accompanied by the fact you only need to make them once for all of whats available, the allure of our simplicity shines though.

“What of the content itself?” you may ask. Well with full curriculum correlation, you can be rest assured your kids will be learning nationally and state approved content. Coupled alongside our Automated Adaptive Learning in Maths Invaders and Words Rock Online, students can learn at a level that’s suited to them individually.

We’ve also put plenty of research into our programs so you can see the results for yourselves:

Increase your Typing by 6 Words Per Minute (WPM) a Term

Boost Maths Age by One Year in Just One Term!


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