Our Sister Program just got a new Multiplayer mode!

Announcing “Space Rescue”, the new Maths Invaders Online real-time interactive game

The revolutionary interactive multiplayer Space Rescue game is fully integrated with Maths Invaders Online. Space Rescue breaks new ground in educational design. It harnesses its own real-time game server to deliver dynamic gaming in a fully-featured online learning system.

Space Rescue is fun, engaging and highly motivational

  • Up to 4 players can play against each other or the computer
  • Each student plays at their optimal maths level, giving them just the right challenge
  • Highly interactive. It’s not just a race to the finish line. Students engage directly with each other through the dynamic game play. Their actions directly affect the options of other players. It’s a massive motivation booster.
  • Play against the computer with friends (coming soon), or around the world
  • Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows the computer opponents to auto-level to match the capability of the players
  • The innovative turn-based design maximises the time doing educational content and minimises time waiting for other players
  • Uses the latest in real-time web communication technology to minimise lag and create a secure and responsive game environment

In Space Rescue players are on a mission to rescue stranded ships that are lost in space. The winner is the player who earns the most points – so look out for bonus points as you scan for lost ships!

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