Reviews of Maths Invaders

Teacher Reviews
“Maths Invaders is a game children
will enjoy as a means of improving
maths skills, a boon to busy teachers
and a well-constructed programme of
arithmetical skills for home use.
Ken Docksey, Teacher, ICT Coordinator &
Assistant Principal, Sandon Primary School
“We have been using and
recommending Maths Invaders for
some time now. Many of our students
have great difficulty memorising facts
– particularly things like addition,
subtraction, and multiplication tables –
and we find that Maths Invaders Online
is a fun way to give them the constant
repetition needed to help them retain
this important information.”
Jan Polkinghorne, Specific Learning
Difficulties Association
Student Reviews
“IT ROCKS! Hi-tech, fun and full of
maths! The ultimate choice! I like Maths
Invaders because of the tension and the
fun in defeating the maths waves. Cool
Jessica, aged 12
“I think this excellent game will really
help kids with their maths. I really enjoy
playing it!”
Isabelle, aged 11

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