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With over 50% of Australian schools completing NAPLAN Online in 2019 the change is well under way. We have considerable anecdotal evidence to support the position that good typing skills are important to support this transition. There are thousands of Australian schools using Typing Tournament Online with many expressly indicating that they are doing so to prepare students for NAPLAN Online.

Big implications for educators

This change is significant for schools, teachers and children. As the Australian Curriculum and the various state-based curricula have loose statements regarding the teaching of efficient keyboarding most teachers historically have not prioritised this vital skill. Consequently, Australian children generally have poor keyboarding capacity and a resulting lack of productivity and efficiency.

Good keyboarding skills are taught not caught

The complex high level kinaesthetic skill of handwriting is universally taught via a structured leaning programme spanning many years of schooling. Typically, it will feature increasing complexity and repetition commencing with a simplified font and progressing through intermediary stages to fully formed cursive writing. So too, good keyboarding skills need to be systematically taught. Left to their own devices children usually develop poor, inefficient habits that stymie their productivity for the rest of their education and on into their working lives.

75% of Principals want to improve students’ keyboarding and typing skills before NAPLAN Online.

EdAlive is delighted to endorse the published findings of the Australian Primary Principals Association in its summary report: APPA NAPLAN Online Trial Survey. It indicated that in preparation for NAPLAN Online:

  • 78.61% of Principals want to increase teaching time allocated to keyboarding skills
  • 74.87% of Principals want to increase teaching time allocated to touch typing

The accompanying full copy of this report is provided for your convenience.

A copy of the report with highlights added is available for your convenience here

A copy of the original report is available for your convenience here

Feedback from other principals

Typing Tournament Online is the answer

We now have hundreds of thousands of students in thousands of schools right across Australia using Typing Tournament Online to upskill a whole generation ready for NAPLAN Online.

The curricula assume the teaching of competent keyboarding skills

The NSW Syllabus, the Victorian Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum used by the other Australian States and Territories all assume the teaching of good keyboarding skills.

Remarkable results are being achieved

Good keyboarding skills are taught not caught. Typing Tournament Online is the most motivational and efficient tool for the job. Using Typing Tournament Online some classes are averaging typing speeds of over 40 words per minute and others typing more than 20,000 words in a week. Typing Tournament Online is helping up-skill our students for digital tests like NAPLAN Online, the coming digital HSC and the many and varied school, test and work scenarios facing them throughout the rest of their education and on into life.

Official NAPLAN Online Information

Links to the relevant official pages setting forward the details of NAPLAN Online.

Typing Tournament Online. Teaching a generation of Australians to type, 10 fingers at a time!




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