The ST4S Safety and Privacy Standards and EdAlive Central

The EdAlive Central results

The EdAlive Central titles Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online have both easily meet the minimum standards of the new ST4S (Safer Technologies 4 Schools) assessment conducted by ESA (Education Services Australia).

The other EdAlive Central titles

Although they have not yet been assessed for ST4S, the other EdAlive Central linked titles share the same low risk design as Typing Tournament and Maths Invaders Online. We anticipate that once assessed, they too will easily meet these minimum requirements. These titles include: Words Rock OnlineBaggin’ the Dragon Maths Online and Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online.

Please request the assessment of the additional websites

Going forward, the ST4S assessment process will be driven by requests from schools through their relevant Departmental and organisational officers. These persons will relay the requests for assessment of a site or service to ST4S. You can help to raise the priority attendant to the assessment of Words Rock OnlineBaggin’ the Dragon Maths Online and Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online by making such requests.

About the new ST4S assessment program

The Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) Assessment, formerly known as the National Education Risk Assessment (NERA), is an Australian initiative operated by NSIP. NB as at Nov 1 2020 NSIP have advised that they are in the process of launching an ST4S website that will be on line soon.

The ST4S evaluation process is being adopted across Australia and will eventually require all products and services in use by schools to be aligned to the ST4S standards. ST4S is sponsored by all Australian state and territory governments, CENet, CNA, and the Independent Schools Council of Australia.

ST4S criteria for assessment

An ST4S assessment evaluates the compliance of 3rd party products for compliance against criteria encompassing cyber security controls, the Australian Privacy Principle Guidelines and eSafety, all within the context of school use. It is designed to reduce the risk to schools when using online services.

Local and State based compliance

The various educational jurisdictions across Australia each have their own eSafety requirements some of which may be additional to ST4S compliance.

Checking the veracity and scope of ST4S compliance

NSIP advise that schools wishing to enquire further about the details of the EdAlive website’s ST4S status direct their enquiries to the relevant education authority (Government schools to the relevant State/Territory Department of Education, Catholic schools to their local State or Diocese office and Independent schools to their State/Territory association) 

Key features of the low risk, high security EdAlive Central design

From their inception, all of the EdAlive Central websites have been designed with privacy, security and eSafety in mind. This rock-solid design and our long heritage as publishers of elearning solutions. Highlights of the EdAlive Central design include:

  1. Flexible options for student privacy. No requirement for date of birth or full student name.
  2. School controlled public display of school and class names on leaderboards.
  3. Data hosted securely on Australian-based IRAP certified cloud services.
  4. Encryption of all data both at rest and in transit.



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